Managing HOAs with Constant Attention & Care

At Empire Community Management, we provide constant attention and care to manage an HOA in Arizona and Nevada.

Homeowners associations have many ongoing, daily needs from the board of directors. We are ready to take over the association's duties, ranging from financial to full on-site management of the HOA. Please continue reading to learn more about our new client services.

Immediate Evaluation

We efficiently perform an immediate evaluation of your community from various angles within the first 30 days. Our administrative services for the HOA cover welcome letters for all homeowners to announce the change in management and provide pertinent details on our company and new contact information.

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Reviewing Contracts

We review all contracts thoroughly and consult with vendors to ensure competitive pricing to meet all contract terms. We effectively conduct in-person meetings with primary vendors to establish working relationships from now on, reviewing the work scope. Also, we review the governing documents and rules & regulations dedicatedly.

Well-Organized System

Our experts review all the association records before sending them to storage. We develop an annual calendar of association events to be included in the meeting agenda and community website (if applicable). Our HOA financial management team analyzes reserve accounts to maximize interest returns. Please reach out today for homeowner association services.

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Association Budget

We evaluate past dues and collections and perform the change of address for all vendors. Our staff mail out account statements to all homeowners for payment of assessments. Also, we mail out electronic funds transfer (EFT) information for automated payment of assessments. Our experts review most recent financial statements prepared by the previous management company for clarity.

Property Management Services

We proficiently conduct a thorough site inspection to become intimately familiar with the community. Our team focuses on immediate maintenance needs and violation issues. With expert industry knowledge, we evaluate the current condition of the landscaping, irrigation system, roads, lights, and other HOA-maintained components in the community. We review the reserve study to identify upcoming projects for the next 12 months. Please let us help your HOA as we are experienced in handling issues in Arizona.

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